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I looked up the trees searching for some more light
A whole lotta breathes taken to get to what's write
But you keep saying you wanna go when I ask you don't talk
I have you so much time you said your stuck in the dark

we on a different page, you can't see for your jealousy and rage, once close but so far away, in hindsight I really tried to stay but it felt like success had you feelin a way cuz I walked and chewed gum had you feelin betrayed - all you do is throw shade, I work hard bitch I'm tryna get paid...dead your ego, slayed, tried to reach for you come to your aid, the fear factor had you feelin afraid soon after the feelings I had started to fade, I took them lemons and I made lemonade, put myself in jail, a slave  trade...but now it's dead, decayed, introducing meet the upgrade/

Don't lie to yourself 
It is all over now 
Tell me what are your dreams 
Now that its over now 
See you again stranger
We'll meet again stranger 

Verse 2

It's like I don't even know you, or never knew you I fell for the were the phantom of your opera, nothing but drama a one woman cast, - you put your trash on blast, social media the feed don't last, I mean it does but ain't nobody checkin, a real waste of time you look desperate, - no self love, neglected, you play the victim baby can't respect it, but I know one thing you betta check it, and quit coming to the door but naked, I couldn't take it no more see I defected, moved on before my mind got infected, see that's the kind of shit that grow tumors, unplugged from all gossip and rumors, -man don't let that bullshit move you, and if you let it it'll fuck around consume you, I took my own advice to see thru you, shut my mouth no time to talk to you, 

Channeled my chakra, zulu
Master self, guru
My state of mind, crucial
Elevated and calibrated, mutual 

Tell your girls I'm a monster, 
No longer your emotional sponsor, it's like yo plan was divide then conquer separate the king you dream of other girls, 

You think it's all your world
But your mentality baby it ain't thorough
Don't be surprise no need clutch pearls
You see me out in the streets you wanna earl

But it's over now, 
Don't be sad cuz I'm forward now, 
If I knew what I do know now, 
The shows over baby take your bow, 

Don't lie to yourself 
It is all over now 
Tell me what are your dreams 
Now that its over now 
See you again stranger
We'll meet again stranger 

Trees, flowers, green
Lemonade on deck
Tunes, grass, sky
And the shade on deck
Me the next her
We gone be starting something 

Verse 3

Freed up G I broke dem chains, shawshank Andy Dufrane, 
Nigga damn near forgot your name,
Real talk that's a god damn shame, think you know her betta check dat brain, see thru the words it could all be game, dem core values they will not change, don't be fooled cuz she toot dat thang, when you know betta you do betta, -put dem papers in shredder, -send me an email text me, but don't phone me, yo attitude blow me, freebird michael Hayes can't hold me, free agent a brand new team, freedom ring no Martin King, tell me what are your dreams since it's over,- inebriated, you get it or need closure, -see I'm cool coulda been colder, -cry later, keep yo composure, - you can do it you been a poser, baby I'm older off that roller coaster/ 


from ROYAL EP, released July 7, 2015



all rights reserved


ROYAL Atlanta, Georgia

Devon Lee (A Lovely Machine/ @DevonLeeMusic) and mikeflo (dead prez dj / @mikefloRBG) makeup the newly formed tandem after over 15 yrs of working individually and supporting each other as fellow artists and friends in the Atlanta music scene.

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