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released July 7, 2015

MikeFlo - vocals 
Devon Lee- vocals, producer
John Roberts - drum set (Crash)
Recorded at Pink Palace 


all rights reserved



ROYAL Atlanta, Georgia

Devon Lee (A Lovely Machine/ @DevonLeeMusic) and mikeflo (dead prez dj / @mikefloRBG) makeup the newly formed tandem after over 15 yrs of working individually and supporting each other as fellow artists and friends in the Atlanta music scene.

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Track Name: CRASH
I woke up up in the clouds
Fixed on Temptation
I fly around for miles 
Smoke inhalation
Out manned on the prowl 
City sensations 
I open up my mouth
Words start erasing the 

Skin, head off gold
Money in your bills fold 
Slick ice cold 
Lies, life froze 

Hey now, hey now  x 2 (BRIDGE)

Crash down (5,4,3,2)  x 3  (CHORUS)
This is the story played over and over 

-Purple haze a haze of confusion it's all too cloudy, - all I remember was hoes and liquor figure the freaks all around me, - we was smokin, high grade I'm chokin shit potent not to mention to hasheesh , -maybe the wax the edibles tinctures tequila the police, this shit wild, lady look calm down, you too loud fuck around get us kicked out, she said please we already too turnt up, turnt out on lust you let the freak out, I'm like damn, baby you dead on it, speak on it, a lil spunk or I don't want it, from then on I'm like fuck it lets get gone, took off her thong and turned off dat damn phone, gemme a rider wit a attitude, - dat follow a leader we breaking da rules, - she stood down sugar paid dues, - she brought her girlfriend for me too/



She looks like a classic 
in the movies an actress 
the scene was dramatic 
I'm nomadic now

Skin head of gold 
Slick ice cold 
It's feeling so ice cold



Track Name: Jump
Yo hit this I'm in the zone
Where is my bitch I'm I'm on a throne
She's such a pretty little thing in my mind
She's coming down on me like sunshine
Fly by night black as a crow
Walk that plank jump like you know
I got too many other things on my mind
Still she gone ride with me like sunshine
We ready

Shaken Columbia,  Tokyo raging
In Berlin you Poppin (sex  revolution)
Kisses in Paris, some head in Jamaica
Ass in South Africa 
Rio get naked and Jump.....

If u free yo mind yo ass will follow now move yo body (repeat 3x)
Let me see u move yo body (repeat 2x)

Baby girl wanna get my bag I'm going Guinea Bissau, travel down west afrikan coast south to Cape Town, 
hands up its a shakedown, 
toot it up for me face down. 
Recognize this royalty baby maybe u can touch the crown 

Ten toes when I touch the town, dedicated to move the crowd, 
I got faded in London Town, next up to Amsterdam to judge the cup, 
space cakes got a nigga fucked up, I'm in the red light district stuck, 
It's 4 o'clock in the morning shit plane leaves at 8 I'm on the speakers snoring 

No need to rush baby I'm prechecked, no bags I carry on now carry on, in and out I get gone to go get it, you gotta go where they givin it its life live it give it my best shot, 
go hard when I punch the clock, 
Heathrow to Charles de Gaulle, window to the fuckin wall! 


Take the redeye from ATL, chi-town, NY,  LA, Bangkok, Mumbai, Cape Town,  Milan, Dar Salaam, Madrid, Cairo, Acapulco , Vienna, Tijuana  
Call your momma we out

Yo hit this I'm in a zone
Where is my chick we going home
She's such a pretty little thing in my mind
She make me rise and fall like sunshine 
she ready 

No need to rush baby I'm prechecked, no bags I carry on now carry on, in and out I get gone to go get it, you gotta go where they givin it its life live it give it my best shot, 
go hard when I punch the clock, 
Heathrow to Charles de Gaulle, window to the fuckin wall! 


Sex revolution 
Track Name: Today
- I'm a survivor, cancer- but my sign Sagittarius, - know what I need got the answers- sun shine in all areas, I can't be stopped so dare to contain me, - self determined, happy, - and see my lady, Afrikan- self esteem, nappy, 

Today's the day, see Royal would say- rejoice and be glad in it, so live your life work smart and play hard- we don't wait around we get wit it,- 

We don't play around We really spit it, - We don't lay around We go get it, wake up and live today I give thanks and praises, gratitude salute the creator. 

This is a good day to love your life x 2
Everyone wants love feel good inside 
You don't need nothing you don't have to hide 

(Verse 2)

I don't mean ya no harm,- ain't tryna hurt feelings, I'm here to win baby reach for the stars, -meaning it ain't no ceiling

I got a vision, work ethic respect it, detailed 20/20 precision, I do what I want as long as it's principled, I ain't scared to make decisions, 

Look, listen baby you live one life, ride da whip till the wheels fall off, stay in the moment have a blast tonight, and go hard be royal never soft, 

We work to live, live never to work, so dig deeper sugar find your passion, for me it's family, beats and fly fashion, I stay active strive for satisfaction...

Gemme dat action, lights and the cameras, we got a show tonight this thang poppin, we non stoppin rockin to the sun up, life is short live today put ya guns up..


UNO, dos tres quatro x 4 

I do me 
That's all no apology
Get caught in somebodies dream 
Playing house fuck that scene 
Pretty face and a mind
Nice waste and behind
Smoke stack full of vine 
No meat on a dine 
That's where I'm vibe so free
And my power so black
That's where I'm at tribal breed 
And world my map
Fourth niggaz got guns bigger than the cop guns
Uno, dos, tres, quatro
And the sun gone shine even still in the black slums
Fuck that drum clap
Fuck that gun clap
Revolution back 

Track Name: Grey
This ain't the place you dreamed you'd be
But you alive
Loose many things 
hold onto pain 
a faded love
Still you survive 
Death knocking on my front door
Are you gonna answer
Not anymore x 2

I've been living On the edge  
like I don't care
Standing on the ledge
Like I'm gonna fly away
I Been traveling along a reckless way
Feeling too strong my weakness I hide away
But it ain't over 
I let the loneliness die today 
I let my loneliness fade to grey

I got a prison in my mind 
that's where I like it deep down in chains 
happy free young boy 
wild thing runnin midnight I'm on the train
I said, Everyday I wanna live my dreams
Freedoms got a pistol to my brain
I want some more

I've been living On the edge  
like I don't care
Standing on the ledge 
Like I'm gonna fly away
I been traveling along this reckless stay
Feeling too wrong like I could die this way 
Open your eyes 
See it ain't over 
Instead I let the loneliness out the cage 
I let my loneliness fade to grey

-I let my guard down and took a blow, left hook to the heart I swear to God ain't no rope a dope, took an oath to freedom I wrote my vows to let it go, made a promise keep being honest let em know, cuz if you lie they get mad, tell the truth and then they scared, can't please everybody hate is coming baby get prepared, I'm public enemy number one cuz chose dat one, tired of fuckin and fighting or wildin jumpin the gun,
- I told her timing is a muthafucka, and seasons change you can't always see em coming, nothing but love no ill will wish you the best, onward ever backwards never put that chapter to rest. 

I been living on the edge
Like I don't care 
Standing on the ledge
Like I'm gonna fly away
I've been traveling along this reckless way 
Screaming my song 
Trying to live today 
Look in my eyes 
See it ain't over 
I let my loneliness die to today
I let my loneliness fade to grey 
Track Name: Stranger
I looked up the trees searching for some more light
A whole lotta breathes taken to get to what's write
But you keep saying you wanna go when I ask you don't talk
I have you so much time you said your stuck in the dark

we on a different page, you can't see for your jealousy and rage, once close but so far away, in hindsight I really tried to stay but it felt like success had you feelin a way cuz I walked and chewed gum had you feelin betrayed - all you do is throw shade, I work hard bitch I'm tryna get paid...dead your ego, slayed, tried to reach for you come to your aid, the fear factor had you feelin afraid soon after the feelings I had started to fade, I took them lemons and I made lemonade, put myself in jail, a slave  trade...but now it's dead, decayed, introducing meet the upgrade/

Don't lie to yourself 
It is all over now 
Tell me what are your dreams 
Now that its over now 
See you again stranger
We'll meet again stranger 

Verse 2

It's like I don't even know you, or never knew you I fell for the were the phantom of your opera, nothing but drama a one woman cast, - you put your trash on blast, social media the feed don't last, I mean it does but ain't nobody checkin, a real waste of time you look desperate, - no self love, neglected, you play the victim baby can't respect it, but I know one thing you betta check it, and quit coming to the door but naked, I couldn't take it no more see I defected, moved on before my mind got infected, see that's the kind of shit that grow tumors, unplugged from all gossip and rumors, -man don't let that bullshit move you, and if you let it it'll fuck around consume you, I took my own advice to see thru you, shut my mouth no time to talk to you, 

Channeled my chakra, zulu
Master self, guru
My state of mind, crucial
Elevated and calibrated, mutual 

Tell your girls I'm a monster, 
No longer your emotional sponsor, it's like yo plan was divide then conquer separate the king you dream of other girls, 

You think it's all your world
But your mentality baby it ain't thorough
Don't be surprise no need clutch pearls
You see me out in the streets you wanna earl

But it's over now, 
Don't be sad cuz I'm forward now, 
If I knew what I do know now, 
The shows over baby take your bow, 

Don't lie to yourself 
It is all over now 
Tell me what are your dreams 
Now that its over now 
See you again stranger
We'll meet again stranger 

Trees, flowers, green
Lemonade on deck
Tunes, grass, sky
And the shade on deck
Me the next her
We gone be starting something 

Verse 3

Freed up G I broke dem chains, shawshank Andy Dufrane, 
Nigga damn near forgot your name,
Real talk that's a god damn shame, think you know her betta check dat brain, see thru the words it could all be game, dem core values they will not change, don't be fooled cuz she toot dat thang, when you know betta you do betta, -put dem papers in shredder, -send me an email text me, but don't phone me, yo attitude blow me, freebird michael Hayes can't hold me, free agent a brand new team, freedom ring no Martin King, tell me what are your dreams since it's over,- inebriated, you get it or need closure, -see I'm cool coulda been colder, -cry later, keep yo composure, - you can do it you been a poser, baby I'm older off that roller coaster/ 

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